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What does a Commune Account Manager do exactly ?

This description outlines the basic functions of Commune Account Manager. Sure, we’ve got bullet points below, but our mission is to find the type of person who is excited by the chance to craft their own position and contribute to something special taking shape here in Long Beach.

This is a fast-paced, fast-growing organization and the individual holding this job should dig that environment. They should be excited about the opportunity to create something bigger than themselves or any single account. Commune’s mission is to increase the taste level of Long Beach by doing work we love alongside people we love. If you dig that, then you can do this stuff…


The Account Manager is primarily responsible for leading the relationship between agency and client while ensuring agency ideas remain faithful to the brief and kept within the timeframe and budget. Additionally, be good at this stuff:


  • Have some advertising/marketing/communication industry experience.
  • Manage and assign tasks and timelines (for clients and agency).
  • Interface directly with client and agency.
  • Manage agency workflow between all relevant employees.
  • Act as the direct line of contact between Commune and client.
  • Manage budget and allocated hours.
  • Bring passion and expertise and creativity to all functions, including strategy, creative (design, copywriting, social media and beyond).
  • Contribute to creative development of concepts and ideas.
  • Participate in all reviews of creative work and materials.
  • Participate in client-facing meetings, including creative presentations.
  • Consistently look for new opportunities to bring to the client.
  • Consistently look for new business opportunities to bring to Commune outside of existing client relationships.
  • Call Commune peeps on their shit when needed.
  • Call the client on their shit when needed.


We could list bullet points for days and there are a lot of people who could check these boxes. But we’re not looking for “a lot of people.”


Commune is built on the foundation of friends who care deeply for each other and want to do standout, rad work that inspires us. Commune isn’t your typical work environment. We’re scrappy and might not have all the corporate bells and whistles to offer just yet. That’s likely going to disqualify us for some of you. But that’s ok because we’re looking for the ones who look at our standing as an opportunity. If that’s you, and you think you might want to throw in with a rag tag crew that’s going somewhere fast, then come talk to us… and hurry.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


lets talk: +1 (562) 366-0080

Commune Communication
425 E 4th St Unite E
Long Beach, CA 90802
United States