As we turn the page to a new year, we’re going to use the next several paragraphs to brag at a time when being humble is probably best. We’re living through a time filled with uncertainty where countless members of our community and society are struggling, sometimes catastrophically.


We live and watch it every day with frustrating and heartbreaking results. And that’s all the more reason to find the moments to celebrate and connect. So it’s with that spirit that we’re immensely proud to update you on the status of Commune Communication.

Outwardly, Commune has been quiet since March of 2020. Our social media channels and website updates have been near non existent, yet the inner workings of the shop have never been louder. We’ve had our best year ever by a long shot.

There’s too many to mention, but here’s a few favorite client highlights:

  • Long Beach Transit – We pivoted all communication to a strategy and campaign that emphasized what the organization was doing to keep customers safe. This required updating dozens of already planned placements in a matter of weeks and a full scale tear down of a strategy that had been in place since 2018. The result is a city that trusts its transit system because the message is clear and visible everywhere you look.
  • AIDS Walk – For 35 years AIDS Walk has been focused on, well, a “walk.” Enter 2020 and that clearly wasn’t happening so we were asked to come up with a concept that maintained the feeling of the event while raising the vital funds that support the organization and its programs. We did (in TWO WEEKS!) and the virtual walk concept resulted in the most successful fundraising year in the events history.
  • Sport Kilt – Needless to say it wasn’t a huge year for selling Kilts so we worked to help pivot their entire operation to a mask production facility. Sure, they sold a lot of masks, but the best part is that because of the pivot Sport Kilt was able to maintain and hire new staff at a time when there were planned layoffs and jobs were hard to find.

There were a lot more client stories to share, and maybe we’ll be better about doing that in 2021, but this update is really about the Commune family. These are the people who decided to put their head down, grit their teeth, tidy their Zoom backgrounds and work harder than they ever have because there just wasn’t any other choice. This incredible effort is something we’ll never forget because it didn’t just help us survive, it made us thrive.

In 2020 we added three new full time staff bringing our total to nine while also promoting three existing staff. We won two RFP’s, added four new clients to the portfolio, and secured health insurance for the entire staff for the first time in our history. It was a huge year for Commune.

Commune isn’t a place, it’s an idea. It’s an idea about working on projects you love alongside people you love. That’s why this note is really about Mineko, Danielle, Nicole, Spencer, Michael, Shawn, Caleb, Lizzy, Jenn, and Erika. They’re the engine that fuels the idea. If you’re a client, we’re so incredibly grateful for your trust and partnership. If you’re a friend, we miss you dearly. If you’re looking for a job, stay close. We’re coming for you, 2021!


Ryan and James