Content Creator & Videographer 

po  a dnWhat You’ll Do:
Imagine being the mastermind behind all of Commune visual storytelling. You’ll be mining for story ideas, accosting strangers in the street, wielding the camera, managing audio, politely bossing people around small sets, and capturing moments that tell amazing client stories. And when it’s time for post production, you’ll also be the keyboard shortcut and editing wizard who weaves it all together into something client and customer ready. From paid-media bite-sized social media nuggets to branded short-form content, you’ll be making all of it.

Your Responsibilities:

    • Dive into brainstorm sessions with our creative team to dream up video concepts and story opportunities that inspire people to do, think or act.
    • Grab your camera and hit the streets (or the studio) to capture footage that tells those stories in the most captivating way possible.
    • Work your editing magic to craft videos that not only grab attention but also leave viewers/customers/clients asking what’s next.
    • Bring your After Effects expertise to the table, adding those extra. high-level of care touches, that take our videos to the next level.
    • Sometimes you might have to polish someone else’s turd. We inherit footage from clients thats pretty bad, and with post-production magic, we have to make something out nothing.
    • Collaborate with our creative team to ensure our content hits the mark and stays true to the story, objective or action we are setting out to hit.
    • Keep your finger on the pulse of production, social media trends, ensuring our content , and our internal workflow is always fresh and relevant.

What You’ll Need:

      • Your portfolio is your calling card, it will showcase your knack for creating videos that make people stop.
      • You’re a pro behind the camera, and your portfolio shows plenty of technical diversity and field shooting situations.
      • When it comes to editing and post, you’re a Premiere Pro shortcut nerd —slicing, dicing, and piecing together footage like it’s nobody’s business.
      • After Effects isn’t just a tool to you—it’s your playground, where you can add those high level touches that turn low production value into high.
      • Attention to detail? You’ve got it in spades, ensuring every video is polished to perfection.
      • You’re a creative powerhouse, always bursting with content development ideas to help our clients solve real business problems.
      • Juggling multiple projects is second nature to you, and you thrive in a fast-paced, small team environment.

    Nice-to-Haves (But Not Deal-Breakers):


      • A degree in film, media, or a related field is a plus, but your portfolio will speak louder than any letters you have before, or after your name.
      • Experience with photography and graphic design is a bonus—we love a multi-talented nerd.
      • Social media savvy? Even better! Knowing how to leverage emerging platform features & analytics to optimize our content is a huge plus.
      • Ever dabbled in live streaming or virtual event production? That’s also music to our ears.

    Think you’re the perfect fit to join our local Commune ? Send your resume, a quick note about why you’re the one we’ve been searching for, and links to your best work. Sorry we wont look at candidates without a portfolio. Reach out to Co-Founder and Creative Director – James Whale:

    [email protected]

    Compensation $35-70p/h based on experience and skillset. Role part time, evolving into full time.


lets talk: +1 (562) 366-0080

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